Cargo Stream Secures €1M Expansion Capital from Private Equity Firm, LitCapital

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Cargo Stream, a fast-growing Lithuanian logtech startup, is thrilled to announce the successful closure of a €1M investment led by LitCapital, a private equity firm.

This investment will fuel Cargo Stream’s ambitious expansion plans, enabling the company to penetrate the Polish market further while strengthening its operations in the United Kingdom.

As StartupReported mentioned before, in 2020 – at the end of 2019, (Next Logistic Accelerator), a business accelerator based in Hamburg, Germany, invested in Cargo Stream.

Cargo Stream: Revolutionizing the LogTech Landscape with Innovative Supply Chain Solutions

Experience the disruptive prowess of Cargo Stream, the rising star in the realm of logistics management software (LogTech). Cargo Stream has swiftly carved its niche by introducing ingenious and streamlined supply chain solutions tailored to businesses of all magnitudes.

Cargo Stream orchestrates the logistics landscape by harnessing avant-garde technology and adopting a customer-centric ethos, granting freight forwarders and shippers an encompassing vantage point via its control tower visibility. The outcome? A harmonious blend of cost efficiency and amplified operational effectiveness.

A Remarkable Milestone: LitCapital’s Investment in Cargo Stream

The recent infusion of investment by LitCapital marks a pivotal juncture for Cargo Stream, underscoring its boundless potential. With a rich repository of experience and a sterling history of nurturing nascent ventures, LitCapital stands as the quintessential collaborator poised to propel Cargo Stream’s trajectory of expansion and market dominance.

Sarunas Belickas - Cargo Stream
Sarunas Belickas – Cargo Stream

We are excited to partner with LitCapital and grateful for their trust in our big vision. Based on the current financial projections, our revenue will exceed 2 million Euro. Objectively, it could be more, hence our aim is to reach 3 million Euros in 2023.

This investment will allow us to accelerate our plans for expansion in Poland. Additionally, it will provide us with the necessary resources to enhance our operations in the UK, where we already have a presence.

said Sarunas Belickas, COO of Cargo Stream.
Sarunas Siugzda - LitCapital
Sarunas Siugzda – LitCapital

Polish and UK freight forwarders, operating in significant markets with substantial cargo volumes, often face challenges due to extensive manual work. However, Cargo Stream is poised to lead the digital transformation of transportation companies in these regions.

By harnessing advanced technology and innovative solutions, Cargo Stream offers a seamless and automated platform that streamlines logistics. This digital approach reduces reliance on manual work, enhancing operational efficiency and cost optimization for freight forwarders.