Burning Heroes Association Goes Offline with Live Pitch Sessions on Both Sides of the Atlantic

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The Burning Heroes Founders Association is launching its inaugural series of offline pitch sessions worldwide, designed to establish direct connections between the most promising startups and top global VCs.

The first competition will be held in Tbilisi renowned for its thriving startup ecosystem. Startups that successfully advance to the final round will have the opportunity to engage with global investment leaders, including 500 Global, TechStars, and other VC Funds who have already recognized Tbilisi as a regional startup hub. An in-person session will be hosted on September 28 in Hausart Plaza, Tbilisi.

Startups from any country can participate in the competition; however, a prerequisite is the ability to attend the final Pitch session in person. The competition follows the traditional Burning Heroes format, encompassing three categories: Market Fit, Innovation, and Product Design.

The upcoming stops on Burning Heroes’ global offline expansion will include the World – San Francisco tech capital and a preeminent tech investment hub – London. For the Burning Heroes Founders Association, this marks a significant stride towards its mission: uniting talented and hardworking people to enhance the world through innovation.

We firmly believe that strong personal connections have the potential to break down barriers for startups and society in general. This is precisely why the chance to engage in person is so deeply meaningful to us.

says Anna Deynego, Burning Heroes founder and CEO.

Established in August 2022, the Burning Heroes Founders Association has achieved remarkable milestones. The association has successfully organized two impactful startup competitions with a global focus and another centred on Africa. Additionally, the team has conducted a case study competition for product managers and hosted a legal conference tailored for startups. The community ecosystem now includes over 200 innovative startups spanning the globe. 

Burning Heroes has developed a robust network of top world venture investors and tech giants, including AWS, 500 Global,  Plug and Play, TechStars, Fort Ross, and others. Since its inception, the association has operated as an entirely non-profit initiative driven by the volunteer contribution of talented and hardworking people committed to catalyzing global transformation.

The concept of pitch sessions is rooted in the belief that live sessions will foster robust startup-investor connections, which will substantially impact the local ecosystems of the competition-hosting cities and the broader global startup landscape.

Applications for participation can be submitted through the Burning Heroes website.

Burning Heroes Africa Product Manager’s contest 

The Burning Heroes Founders Association is excited to announce the 2023 Burning Heroes Product Managers Contest: Africa Edition, following the success of the inaugural global PM contest held in Winter 2023. This case-solving competition is designed to challenge the skills and expertise of product managers. The contest’s mission is to facilitate meaningful connections between talented product managers and fast-growing technology companies, as well as world-leading technology firms.

Leading the charge in innovation and problem-solving, the highly anticipated 2023 Product Managers Contest, Africa edition is set to bring together brilliant minds from across Africa and the Middle East to tackle real-life challenges on case studies from our contest partners (Fintech Innovation for ExpertDojo; Disruption of HelpDesk Business at Co.brick and New Solar Product-line for Gumi & Co.).

This contest promises to deliver groundbreaking solutions and insights that will shape the future of product management on the continent.

says Victor Aneleh, Program Manager Burning Heroes Africa

The contest’s Jury panel is a testament to its Pan-African stature, with influential experts from SunnySide Ventures, Saviu Ventures, ExpertDojo, Co.Brick, Grid Paper Studio, Botswana Innovation Hub, Curacel, Julaya, DiscoveryNxt Fund, AI Club, Gumi & Co., BongoHive Group, ARAYA Venture Lab, etc.

Their combined expertise will provide invaluable insights and evaluations, shaping the trajectory of the contest’s solutions. Reina-Flor Okori, a four-time Olympic champion, startup mentor, and investor, will also join the competition jury.

The concept of this competition captivated me.

While competition itself is a robust engine for nurturing the product leaders of tomorrow, what excites me even more is the opportunity for meaningful connections.

I’m convinced that this event will act as a launching pad for the next generation of innovators.

adds Reina-Flor Okori

The contest will be virtual and open to applicants of African and Middle East descent. You can also apply to participate if you work and/or reside in Africa and the Middle East. Some benefits of participating in the contest include:

  • a chance to showcase your skills as a talented product manager,
  • get recognition for your portfolio receive valuable feedback from top professionals, and
  • get hired or possibilities of implementing your solutions with partnering organizations.