Broxlab Launches Inaugural NoCode Academy with Italian Ministry of Culture Collaboration for Digital Reskilling

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Broxlab has just unveiled its inaugural NoCode Academy, a groundbreaking 18-month reskilling initiative birthed through a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Culture.

This venture is strategically crafted to nurture talents within the cultural and creative realms, encompassing a spectrum of entities – from profit and nonprofit organizations to smaller enterprises and individuals active in Central and Southern Italy.

The crux of this program is to equip participants with the prowess to craft platforms and applications via ‘No Code’ and ‘Low Code’ methodologies. Approximately 50 cultural and creative sector (CCI) professionals will be cherry-picked for this upskilling journey, and from these, a select group of 10 will be further groomed with advanced digital skills.

This elite cohort will embark on an incubation and acceleration trajectory to actualize their digital transformation objectives. Adding to the vibrancy of the project, a roadshow is set to traverse Southern Italy, inaugurating its journey on the 21st at the Sunset digital social club in Atella (Pz).

We are exhilarated to launch the NoCode Academy, a trailblazing initiative revolutionizing the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) through digital avant-garde. Rooted in the conviction that culture and creativity are the linchpins of digital progression, this Academy endeavors to render NoCode and LowCode technologies accessible to a wide audience, transcending previous technical boundaries.

Our collaborative synergy with leading global tech entities and the integration of advanced tools like Bubble, FlutterFlow, Google AppSheet, and Google Data Studio, aim to arm cultural professionals and entities with the capabilities to innovate and flourish in the digital epoch.

We envisage a cultural sector rejuvenated by digital tools, erasing the divide between technology and creativity, thereby catalyzing a renaissance of innovative and inclusive cultural projects. The NoCode Academy emerges as the conduit to this future, providing premier training and support to CCI practitioners to navigate change and spearhead cultural innovation.

At Broxlab, we are driven by the belief that nurturing the digital transformation of CCIs is pivotal not only for their evolution but also for fostering a more enlightened, inclusive, and interconnected society. The inauguration of the NoCode Academy marks a definitive stride towards actualizing this vision.

Francesco Perone, Broxlab’s President, articulates the company’s vision with palpable pride
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Our NoCode Academy is an innovative digital training paradigm, conceived within Broxlab and actualized in alliance with the Ministry of Culture. It represents a pioneering endeavour to digitally empower cultural and creative operators across Central and Southern Italy.

The Academy’s mission is to democratize digital technology access, amplifying our nation’s rich cultural and creative legacy. We aim to transform the cultural and creative sector’s technological landscape, enhancing skills and fostering positive territorial impacts. In the forthcoming months, we are set to welcome participants from twelve Italian regions for an immersive 16-month learning odyssey, blending digital and physical educational experiences.

Our students will benefit from the expertise of our distinguished partners and contributors. The application window is open for two months, with a closure set in mid-May. We extend an invitation to all prospective candidates to seize this opportunity by exploring our website.

expounds Valentino Romaniello, the NoCode Academy’s Project Manager at Broxlab

The NoCode Academy will facilitate learning through a dynamic blend of theoretical and practical sessions. A focal point will be active participation and interactive methodologies, spanning traditional face-to-face and remote learning modalities, including workshops, field projects, and case studies.

Participants will also be engaged through simulations, gaming, bar camps, and hackathons. Moreover, the curriculum will encompass webinars, on-the-job training, and remote mentoring and consulting endeavours.