Plantclub makes Berlin’s workplaces greener

By , in news startups on . Tagged width: , , is launching a new service today that brings plants to Berlin’s workplaces, whether in office spaces or at home. The startup offers companies the opportunity to create an ideal working environment for their employees, wherever they work.

Using designers and horticulturalists, Plantclub creates unique planting concepts for each office space. All the watering and other office plant care in a flexible monthly membership. Renting plants gives companies the opportunity to transform their space, whatever the size, without paying huge sums upfront. 

Many companies spend a lot of money on plants without considering the design, and end up throwing them out a few weeks later when the plants die from lack of proper care. Not only does this damage the aesthetic of the space, but the environment too. Plantclub makes it easy for companies to keep their workplace consistently attractive to employees, clients and investors alike.

“Most of the companies we worked at before didn’t have office plants. And if there were any, there was no real design concept for the space. The office looked corporate rather than creating the relaxed startup atmosphere popularized by Google. But to attract and keep the best talent, kicker tables and Club Mate in the fridge are no longer enough,”

says Co-founder Jack Lancaster

Together with Max Brenssell, Jack founded Plantclub at the beginning of the year. Max previously worked at N26 and Circ (Bird, since January 2020), while Jack was at N26, Rocket Internet and Hitfox. With coronavirus closing offices across the globe, Plantclub launched at a trying time for many companies.

Plantclub founders Max Brenssell and Jack Lancaster
Plantclub founders Max Brenssell and Jack Lancaster

“At the start, we thought of the office as the place where most work gets done. Of course, that is now changing fundamentally. That’s why we have brought forward the broadening of our offer, helping to transform people’s workspace, wherever that may be,”

says Max

As the pandemic reshaped our understanding of workplaces, Plantclub accelerated their plan to offer members a dedicated co-branded web store. This allows companies to support their team in creating a calm and productive working environment at home, and diversify their employee benefits package with plant-related perks.

Plantclub has already transformed the offices of a number of Berlin’s fastest-growing startups as part of their Beta phase, including Taxfix, Uberall,, Bonial and Forto (formerly FreightHub).

Plantclub Office Example provides the benefits of plants, wherever you work. Rent office plants and transform the space into a green oasis, with flexible monthly membership options to suit any size. Diversify employee perks with a dedicated company store, where you can give green gifts and your team can buy plants for their home office. You can book a time to chat with founders today.