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An unprecedented, live-streamed training and networking opportunity with tens of speakers, including Burton Rast (Google), Federico Ferrazza (Wired), Olga Delarosa (P&G), Venanzio Arquilla (Milan Politecnico), Giorgia Lupi (Pentagram), Mauro Porcini (PepsiCo), Michelle Morrison (Dropbox)

An adventure that has never been attempted before is about to come true: the largest live-streamed global event of all time on digital design is now a very close reality. It’s the Digital Design Days Live, scheduled from May 6th to 8th, all day long from 10 am to 10 pm.

Filippo Spiezia – founder, creative manager and director of the Digital Design Days since the beginning – has been holed up at home like millions of other Italians, but his mind and his creativity have kept working. He’s decided to put a crazy idea into practice: creating an online event that brings together the entire digital design community, at a time in which the value and support of digital technologies has become evident to millions of people.

«A community’s value is measured at times like these. The ability to be with others, while remaining inside our homes, to improve and rediscover sharing as the pillar of our social lives.

For years, the Digital Design Days have gathered thousands of professionals, the most brilliant creative minds in the field from across the world, united by the common idea of digital design. An experience that has given me the emotional push to organize an online edition of DDD, a live streamed “marathon” like no other before it, created for the digital community and featuring a breathtaking lineup of speakers.»

claims Filippo Spiezia

Creatives, visionaries, innovators, digital designers from all around the world have accepted the invitation to create the digital community’s largest live-streamed event, demonstrating how it is possible to react constructively even in the most difficult times.

DDD Core Values from Digital Design Days on Vimeo.

Connecting from 20 countries, over 100 speakers will contribute their own experience from home, combining inspiration and learning but especially nourishing the community with innovative content to inspire us by looking to the future, improve our skills and create new contacts and connections.

How are we making the most of this time?
What are we creating?
What are we learning?
How have we reinvented ourselves?
Will we go back or change forever?

These are some of the questions the speakers will address. But not the only ones: culture, work processes, relationships with clients, case histories… A truly precious professional gift for everyone who chooses to participate.

6-7-8 MAY 2020 from 10 am to 10 pm

#DesignAgainstTheVirus #iorestoacasa #stayhome

DDD Live Online does not replace Digital Design Days 2020 – the international event devoted to digital design, open innovation, cutting edge technologies and creativity, conceived in 2016 by Filippo Spiezia and produced by SG Company’s Format Division – whose 5th edition is still confirmed to take place in Milan from October 22nd to the 24th at Superstudio+.