Startup saves you time scheduling meetings

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The startup and tech ecosystem in the Caucasus region keeps being underestimated by the European companies. Touch continues a series of publications telling about fantastic digital solutions and projects that for a fair price may help many businesses to optimize their processes and grow faster while saving money on automatization.

The third heroes are the team of, from Tbilisi, Georgia.


For 4 years, I have worked for companies based in Silicon Valley, Seattle, UK, Norway and India as a remote software engineer and later as consultant, leading remote software teams all around the globe. 

During that time I had to schedule video conferences on a daily basis to interview people and talk with busy stakeholders or colleagues which was a constant pain. 

Existing software like Calendly was not flexible enough to make it work across larger time differences and Doodle didn’t cover the B2B needs. 
That led me to stop freelancing and founding, my third time founding. 

Dominic Bräunlein, Founder

Scheduling meetings is a pain but makes it effortless. The team works on building the fastest, cutting edge scheduling solution for busy people. helps you to match your availability with someone else’s in two steps:
1. Instead of lengthy back and forth communication, one simply suggests a multitude of available time ranges. 
2. Invitees pick their preferred time. The meeting shows up in your and your attendees’ inbox and calendar.

This time range approach grants enough flexibility to overcome time zones, unregular and busy schedules better than any competitor. team team (from left to right) Dominic, Maryam, Anri
  • Dominic Bräunlein (Founder) – Software engineer and consultant for 7 years, he co-founded a software agency that provides consulting, development and prototyping for scalable systems and immersive web experiences for the Max Planck Institute and other startups. As well as he volunteered as a teacher for computer science in a High School in Tanzania
  • Anri Iaganashvili – Experienced Designer with a history of working in Digital agencies and startups. Skilled in UI & UX Design, Prototyping, Research.
  • Maryam Kamyabi – Junior Software Developer

All team members live in Tbilisi and we work in a co-working space or from home.

As Dominic says about Georgian ecosystem: “I came to Tbilisi two years ago on a motorbike, looking for a place to stay after being a nomad around for 4 years.
Tbilisi offers a great lifestyle and the Georgian Government provides an inviting legal framework for startups. It is fun living in Tbilisi and being part of a growing startup ecosystem.”

Last year Dominic participated in Touch as a visitor and this year during Touch conference, he hopes to connect with investors and the startup community in Tbilisi, find new users and practice their pitch.

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