Logistics Startup Byrd fulfills thousands of parcels every day without running a single warehouse

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Byrd offers an e-commerce logistics software and platform that enables online shops to outsource and control their entire logistics with just a few clicks via a web application.

This allows them to focus on their core competencies and successfully expand their business. The startup was founded in 2016 in Vienna and uses its software to connect more than 100 online retailers with fulfillment centers and shipping service providers in Germany and Austria.

In recent years, the booming online trade has led to a drastic increase in the volume of parcels. For this reason, online giants such as Amazon, Zalando & Co are investing several million in the expansion of logistics every year.

However, not every online retailer has the financial means to do so. byrd offers a logistics platform, comparable to AirBnB or Flixbus, exactly for such companies. With the help of technology, the startup combines supply and demand without running a single logistics location. 

Since its foundation in 2016, the company has been expanding rapidly and is adding a new logistics center to its network every month. By the end of the year, 10 logistics centers will be part of the Byrd network, giving online retailers access to an international fulfillment platform that can compete with e-commerce giants.

The start-up does not operate its own logistics locations but instead relies on cooperation with experienced fulfillment partners. This enables the company to focus on the software that forms the basis for the platform.

The logistics market is undergoing upheaval

In recent years, the booming online trade has led to a sharp increase in the volume of parcels, which poses growing challenges for both logistics providers and online merchants.

Consumer demands regarding e-commerce shipping have evolved rapidly. Recent studies show that 41% of online shoppers make purchasing decisions based on offered delivery options and that delivery speed is also playing an increasingly important role for consumers.

For this reason, online giants such as Amazon, Zalando & Co invest annually several million in their logistics network. This enables companies to be closer to their end customers and to reduce delivery times as well as shipping costs.

While the e-commerce giant Amazon operated 2 logistics locations 22 years ago, by 2019 the figure had risen to 175. The American group has played a major role in changing customer expectations for shipping and at the same time is making life more difficult for other online merchants.

Innovative solutions for medium-sized retailers needed

Only a few online merchants have the financial capabilities to invest large sums in fulfillment year after year in order to optimize the shipping process.

Byrd Management Team
Byrd Management Team

“No matter whether retailers or Amazon – the consumer expects the same delivery speed, tracking and return options. However, these large companies can invest millions in the expansion of their logistics and thus outpace SMEs step by step”

Alexander Leichter, co-founder, and CEO of Byrd

For this reason, innovative logistics solutions are needed that enable retailers to compete successfully with big players.

“We are bundling the volume of online retailers and using our software to create a powerful logistics system that can compete with the service level of large international corporations,”

Alexander Leichter

Rapid growth without investment costs

With Byrd’s software retailers can outsource their whole logistics, from storage to shipping, and automate the process through digital interfaces to e-commerce systems. The start-up currently has seven warehouse locations in the DACH region and several thousand parcels are shipped daily from there via the software. Thanks to smart technology, the network is growing very rapidly. By the end of the year, the partner network will include 10 locations.

Byrd Packaging

Byrd offers retailers access to hundreds of thousands of square meters of warehouse space with its fulfillment platform, without having to operate these logistics centers itself. This is made possible by an innovative warehouse management software and the cooperation with experienced logistics service providers who have joined the Byrd platform with their fulfillment centers.

Comparable to AirBnB, Flixbus or Uber, the startup combines supply and demand with the help of technology. “It is a win-win situation. Our logistics partners can fill free capacities, while our dealers benefit from a network that allows them to grow very quickly and internationally,” says Leichter.

Byrd dashboard
Byrd dashboard

Focus on digitization in logistics

Thanks to the operational partnerships, the young company, whose team is based in Vienna and Berlin, can focus on the further development of the technology. This is also reflected in the personnel structure at Byrd. Currently, almost 40 people are employed at the logistics start-up – the largest team of the company is responsible for software development and IT.

The digital business model opens new doors for Byrd since only relatively little capital has to be invested to expand the network with a further logistics location. In addition, technical integration with the platform can be completed very quickly.

Logistics startup team Byrd

In 2020, the company wants to further expand its logistics network and thereby also give existing customers the opportunity to test new promising markets at low risk. Geographically, further fulfillment locations in Western Europe and North America are particularly interesting due to the highly developed online trade.