Steve Blank: The 9 Deadliest Startup Sins

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Steve Blank is a retired Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur turned educator who developed the Customer Development methodology that changes the way startups are built.

@sgblank –  is recognized for developing the Customer Development method, also known since 2013 as “Lean Methodology”. He launched the movement, which promotes a methodology to recognize that startups are not smaller versions of large companies, but require their own set of processes and tools to be successful.

After 30 years experience in the high technology industry, founding or working within eight startup companies, four of which have gone public, Blank gathered the experience of most fails and problems young entrepreneurs have and since 2013 he launched the Lean movement. 

Steve wrote an article, where he mentioned the 9 deadliest startup sins. The list includes the key points every entrepreneur met in his/her way.  At least one of this point you could experience in your entrepreneur life.

  1. Assuming you know what the customer wants.
  2. The “I know what features to build” flaw.
  3. Focusing on the launch date.
  4. Emphasizing execution instead of testing, learning, and iteration.
  5. Writing a business plan that doesn’t allow for trial and error.
  6. Confusing traditional job titles with a startup’s needs.
  7. Executing on a sales and marketing plan.
  8. Prematurely scaling your company based on a presumption of success.
  9. Management by crisis, which leads to a death spiral.

Did you find yourself? If not every point looks familiar to you, it could be because you are lucky and had an intuition, inner feeling what to do. If so, are you mentoring someone in your neighbourhood?