Baloise launches a proprietary mobility accelerator

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Baloise is working hard on the expansion of its Mobility and Home ecosystems. Under the tagline Mobility@Baloise, the company is now launching its own ‘mobility accelerator’ in the field of transport and mobility with the aim of promoting innovative ideas at the earliest possible stage.

The initiative goes hand in hand with the launch of the information platform, which is designed to act as a new gateway to the Mobility@Baloise ecosystem for interested start-ups and young entrepreneurs. Start-ups that would like to participate in the programme have until the end of June to apply for the mobility accelerator.  

As part of its Simply Safe strategic phase, Baloise has been making huge efforts since 2017 to boost its innovative strength, especially in the Home and Mobility ecosystems. To this end, it uses a highly structured innovation process that provides routes to five possible cooperation models: incubation, acquisition, investment, cooperation and partnership. All innovation initiatives in the past few years have been based on these principles.

Together with the strategic innovation consultancy Spark Works and its spin-off Sparkademy, Baloise is now issuing a call for participation in a 10-week Baloise Mobility Accelerator programme, which is based on an innovation concept that is tailored to early-stage start-ups. Sparkademy offers a structured learning programme based on innovation principles that guide start-ups through problem-solving processes in a structured manner.

Programmes like this one are geared towards concrete, tangible results and have the added benefit of fostering a culture of innovation. Our aim with this call for participation in Mobility@Baloise is to attract start-ups from the European mobility start-up scene – especially those in the pre-seed or seed phase – to our Baloise ecosystem.

says Patrick Wirth, Head of the Mobility ecosystem.

At the end of the programme, Baloise will evaluate the selected mobility ideas together with the relevant start-up teams and accordingly provide funding to further develop the minimal viable products (MVPs) they created. 

An early-stage start-up founder (seed, series A or B) or a mobility entrepreneur with a ground breaking idea for a new mobility service who are working towards a solution that includes:

  • Mobility as a Service,
  • Shared economy services, or
  • You provide B2B or B2C services to fleets and providers of similar transportation services.

Bekoise focuses on services not hardware. Futuristic, heavy R&D opportunities are therefore out of scope. Services for us means platforms, market places, subscriptions, trading and x-as-a-service business.

Interested start-ups can go to to apply for participation in the accelerator programme up to the end of June.