Arctic15 pitching competition 2023

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Arctic15 is an effective matchmaking startup event in the Nordics and Baltics in Helsinki, Finland took place 1-2 June 2023.

The 2-day event is organized by ArcticStartup, a startup media covering Nordics and Baltics. The event brought together 500+ startups, 300+ investors, 75+ speakers and 2000+ attendees from 60 countries.

The focus is on making deals and quality networking. There were 15 Tracks focused on various industries, technologies and business functions, from AI and Blockchain to Digital Health and Scaling. The core of it all is 1-on-1 meetings in Deal Room with pre-screened contacts. The event features the top early-stage startups from the Nordics and Baltics. 

Arctic15 Pitching Competition

The pitch competition is aimed at pre-seed and seed-stage startups. A panel of international investors and experts will judge the startups.

This year’s Top15 companies fighting for glory and, of course, for an investment, at the finals of the Arctic15 Pitching Competition that made it out of 180 amazing applications: (in random order):

ChordChord – AI-powered music making tool.

ProppU Oy –  a digital ecosystem that connects all stakeholders in the renovation and building industry. It streamlines all processes with a digital toolbox and provides an online marketplace where demand and supply meet.

Machineric – Cross-platform SaaS solution for owners & traders. Digitalising used heavy machinery industry.

Klu – Connect all your apps for seamless, unified searching. Internal search engine powered by AI.

Wield VR – Experience the feel and utility of virtual objects in VR, like you would with physical objects in the real world.
Commu App – a free mobile app where you can give and ask for and trade help in your nearby area.
Hotelbuddy – digitalize the journey of your hotel guest. Secure and contactless way to check in, open the door and check out using a unique personal guest web.
InspectWise services are there for car buyers to make car purchases 100% secure. The pre-purchase inspection report aims to reveal anything hidden by the seller.
Woamy makes bio-based, recyclable and biodegradable foam with a mission to replace all harmful plastic foams.

Woamy CEO Mohamed Mohammadein
Woamy CEO Mohamed Mohammadein – Empowering Work Success through Learning.

Audicin – an on-demand cognitive augmentation program that can be used at any time of the day. 

Nanordica – advanced antibacterial nanotechnology preventing and curing topical bacterial infections.

Probiont Oy is developing a personalized solution for cancer therapy efficacy assessment. The organ-on-a-chip platform is purposed to enable rapid screening of cancer immunotherapeutics, for early identification of effective treatment strategies for individual patients.

Infine transforms your product data into sustainability insights through deep tech, automation, AI, and industrial-size scalability.

The Arctic15 event evolved from a Pitch competition showcasing the best startups from across the Nordic and Baltic regions. It has grown significantly in recent years, becoming renowned for connecting leading European investors and startups. The Pitch competition finalists will also be considered and screened by all attending angel investors to find a match so they can lead in building a syndicate to invest through Arctic15 immediately.

Arctic15 pitching competition final
Arctic15 pitching competition final

And the winner of Arctic15 Pitching Competition 2023 is… Klu 🎉🏆

Arctic15 pitch competition winner 2023 Klu
Arctic15 pitch competition winner 2023 Klu

Klu is an AI-powered internal search engine that revolutionizes how businesses organize and access their internal data. The Arctic15 Pitching Competition judges were captivated by Klu’s presentation, recognizing its immense potential to transform how organizations manage their data. Klu showcased an exceptional product and a clear vision for the future of data accessibility.

Startup Reporter asked Sami on what Klu team is going to concentrate on next 6 months.

Sami (CEO at Klu): – “So for the next 6 months, our plan is to conduct pilots with big enterprise companies in order to understand how we can better cater to them. The reason is that we understand the bigger the company, the bigger the mess. We want people to not lose time searching and scanning for data but actually make it easier for them to implement it into their workflow.”