Arctic15 2019 – Helsinki, Finland

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Arctic15 is the effective matchmaking startup event in the Nordics and Baltics taking place in Helsinki, Finland on 5-6 June 2019.

The 2-day event is organized by ArcticStartup, a startup media covering Nordics and Baltics. The event brings together 400+ startups, 300+ investors, 150+ corporates and media from 50 countries.

The focus is on making deals and quality networking. There are 15 Tracks focused on various industries, technologies and business functions from AI and Blockchain to Digital Health and Scaling. The core of it all is 1-on-1 meetings in Deal Room with pre-screened contacts. The event features the top early-stage startups from the Nordics and Baltics.

Arctic15 - Helsinki, Confrence

Arctic15 features the top early-stage startups from the Nordics and Baltics – it has introduced several of Northern Europe’s most well-known startups to a wider audience, including Kiosked, Pipedrive,, Yousician, Transfluent and Entocube. To date, Arctic15 finalists have raised a total of €120M.

Arctic15 Funding Program connects startups to angel investors from the region for cross-border investments. It is a 3 months program designed together with FiBAN and NordicBAN to help startups make deals with angel investors from the Nordics and Baltics based on 1-on-1 coaching.

In 2019, EBAN (European Business Angel Network) Annual Congress was organized with Arctic15 on the same week 3rd-4th June for international angel investors.

Arctic15 Funding Program has come to an end on Arctic15 Day2 with yet another deal closed on stage. This year, a record number of investors went through almost 150 companies. Duuers came through as the winner, and now receives a 250 000 € angel investment from the syndicate.

22 angels have worked throughout the spring to find an investment-ready company for their €250K. After going through 148 companies, Duuers was chosen to receive the investment. Previously superangels, such as Moaffak Ahmed, have invested into the company, now to be continued with our international syndicate led by Jaakko Salminen and Rhett Thompson. Out of 22 investors, four were international investors, bringing their knowledge about international competition and their views on the probability of international expansion for the top companies.

So what does Duuers actually do?
Duuers is an easy-to-use tool for business proposals that helps small entrepreneurs to stand out from the crowd. It helps especially smaller companies to create business proposals with the help of previously created content and smart interaction towards the customers. Their tool makes creating business proposals up to six times faster than traditional methods, freeing entrepreneurs to invest their time into more productive tasks and thus accelerating the growth of their business.

“In the end, five great startups were combed thoroughly during due diligence to find the one case for the investment. The whole syndicate and the startups teams put in long hours, and one really stood out: Duuers Oy. Duuers has the vision, innovation, scalability and killer team that angels are looking for. We expect great things from this company!”

comments Jaakko Salminen, co-lead of the syndicate

Aalto Startup Center, along with Innovation Services, was part of Arctic15. More highlighting artificial intelligence, manufacturing and life science, & health tech from their business generator program, Aalto-based research commercialization cases Innovation Services, and ESA BIC Finland.

Aalto Startup Center is a hybrid accelerator with roots in the year 1997. A hybrid accelerator offers client startups both business incubation and business acceleration services. Aalto Startup Center’s presented their startups.


Forethink is a startup that wants to improve e-commerce by refining the browsing experience of an online store and the discovery experience. They are solving the issue of turning an internet shopper who is just browsing into a paying customer. They do this with their AI-based 1:1 live personalization and turning the store’s catalog into a “Smart” catalog thus converting window-shoppers into new purchasing customers.


VimAI enables indoor augmented intelligence by taking advantage of computer vision and machine learning techniques. By using mobile phones to scan the indoor environments and build 3D models, VimAI uses this visual data to recognize objects and understand the location. This all enables high precision indoor localization and navigation.

Xfold Imaging

Xfold Imaging has the cutting edge nanotechnology to provide 100-fold
signal enhancement for biomedical imaging applications. They do this by using customized nano-structured glass slides based on surface enhanced bioimaging (SEBI) technology. Xfold Imaging’s innovative solution enables the study of cellular structures and bio-molecules (fats, lipids, proteins, etc.) at nano-scale resolutions that were previously not possible.


Fractuscan provides modern solutions for rock wall risk management in the mining and construction industries. Fractuscan’s core business is the application of high-resolution digital photogrammetry and UAVs to produce photorealistic 3D models of the sites to improve site safety, optimize the production, and to facilitate daily activities.

Circular Devices

Circular Devices will be unveiling their new product during Arctic 15. The team at Circular devices have been working since 2014 to provide a solution – the PuzzleCompatible* architecture – that reduces e-waste by providing a licensable modular platform for OEMs to extend the lifetime, customization, and repairability of their devices.

Arctic15 - Helsinki, Startup Day

Next edition of Arctic15 will on October 17-18th, Stockholm, Sweden