Alior Bank seeks out startups

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Alior Bank announces recruitment for the cooperation program with RBL_START startups, a Warsaw-based acceleration program. This time, within the framework of the “More than a banking app” challenge, the Bank is looking for partners whose solutions would be helpful as far as developing its mobile application is concerned. The deadline for submitting applications shall fall on June 14.

The synergy between banks and startups fuels the financial sector’s growth. That is why we are once again announcing a call for applications for the RBL_START startup cooperation program.

The development of a mobile app that exceeds well beyond personal finance in terms of its functionalities is an ambitious goal which we wish to achieve together with partners from the world of new technologies

says Iwona Duda, acting CEO of Alior Bank

The development of the Alior Mobile app represents one of Alior Bank’s strategic projects resulting from the “More Than a Bank” strategy. Alongside its startup partners, the Bank wishes to create an ecosystem of services that users would be able to take advantage of via banking applications.

The latest challenge named “More than a banking app” of the RBL_Start partner programme is an exemplary manner when it comes to implementing this plan.

– Not only is Alior Mobile supposed to accompany its clients in matters related to financial management but also in everyday life matters. We wish that the solutions implemented in cooperation with the Bank’s partners would allow benefiting from services and opportunities that go beyond the banking offer, are user-friendly as well as relatively easy and quick to be implemented

emphasises Marcin Jaszczuk, Vice-President of Alior Bank

Alior Bank is in search of companies whose solutions either currently are at the implementation stage or already are in operation and provide exceptional, viable added value for individual clients.

Solutions sought by the Bank are to be useful for average users on a daily basis, as well as be complementary to the current offer of services available in Alior Mobile.

When applying for the RBL_START programme, startups shall compete for a chance to pilot the Bank, while in the future to co-create a unique banking application that will have had 1.5 million users by 2022.

– The aim of the RBL_START programme is agile validation of the business potential of each and every qualified solution, which will allow making decisions on piloting or implementation.  Over ten weeks, shortlisted companies will be developing their solutions directly in cooperation with those business mentors who are responsible at the Bank for the development of Alior Mobile. Depending on their needs, they may also rely on the support of our partners: PZU, Linklaters, Microsoft, IBM, and MasterCard

explains Konrad Radzik, coordinator of the RBL_START program

Each company that will have qualified for the programme shall co-work with a designated FinTech partner and business mentor. Together, they will work out a model of potential cooperation. During the RBL_START programme, they will have to prepare, among others, draft business-case of the project, IT integration model, as well as validate the solution during client research.

Applications may be sent via the form at