AI-based AiSport – Ukrainian founders are fighting on the startup front

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The war changed the lives of tens of millions of Ukrainians. Everyone is fighting on their front. The Ukrainian founders of the startup AiSport choose leadership in the world of sports innovations.

Two Ukrainian women from Kryvyi Rih, Anna Stepura and Dariia Hordiiuk created a startup in the field of sports technology a year ago, and they are now actively developing it in the centre of global innovation – Silicon Valley.

Anna Stepura, CEO and Co-founder AiSport
Anna Stepura, CEO and Co-founder AiSport

Before the startup, Anna – CEO and co-founder, had been working in marketing for sports organizations for 6 years, and Dariia – CTO and co-founder Dariia CTO of AiSport, has been an ML researcher for more than 7 years. AiSport team works closely with Google AI and Stanford researchers. 

Dariia Hordiiuk, CTO and Co-founder AiSport
Dariia Hordiiuk, CTO and Co-founder AiSport

With the start of Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, we didn’t know how to proceed; we didn’t know if the team could continue to work. But our Ukrainian IT developers and engineers did incredible work.

Under shelling in the first months of the war, we completed the product and entered the US market.

We are proud of our origin and believe that with such a team and thirst for victory, we will be able to win the leading place in the startup world as well.

comments co-founder and CEO of AiSport, Anna Stepura.

The primary technology of AiSport is based on artificial intelligence and computer vision. By recognizing the exercise technique, each person receives feedback on mistakes and recommendations for correcting them. This helps people prevent injuries, allows trainers to optimize their work online, and it is a colossal breakthrough for the world of sports and fitness.

airsport dashboard

There are no additional devices, just your computer or laptop. AI-based technology works inside the platform, recognizes the body’s skeleton, and gives real-time feedback. As a B2B company, AiSport focuses on giving a vast value to the fitness industry worldwide and reducing the number of injuries during workouts. 

aisport startup

The Ukrainian IT community drives not only Ukrainian innovations but also the world.

AiSport company presented the technology in San Francisco at the official Demo Day from the Alchemist accelerator. Now the founders have announced another round of investments, they plan to expand the number of employees. There are many challenges ahead, but Ukrainians can cope with everything.