Aino Bergius is the new CEO of Slush

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Aino Bergius takes over as Slush’s new CEO, succeeding Eerika Savolainen after two years.

Bergius has an impressive 10-year career at Slush, having first time volunteered in 2014. Now, as CEO, her focus is on making Slush the top choice for early-stage founders by addressing the evolving needs of the European tech ecosystem.

Aino Bergius, 25, is the new CEO of Slush. Slush is the world’s leading startup event, bringing over 13,000 attendees to Helsinki. In her role, Bergius will lead an organization of 1,600 volunteers and 50 full-time team members.

The new CEO, Aino Bergius, will be supported by Elin Dölker, the new President overseeing core
audiences and people operation

Slush President Aino Elin and Slush CEO Aino Bergius
Slush President Aino Elin and Slush CEO Aino Bergius

Bergius steps into her role during a challenging time for the European startup ecosystem. Europe is facing the same downward trend in funding and there has been a consistent reduction in global private tech investment not only in Europe but also in the US and China.

In tough economic times, Slush becomes more important than ever. We must dynamically respond to the European tech ecosystem’s needs, in order to help founders who are tirelessly building world-changing companies.

says Bergius 

Attracting more capital funds to invest in European tech is vital given the current economic situation. In 2024, Slush will see a record-breaking number of investors coming to Helsinki, making it the largest gathering of venture capital in the world.

Beyond linking startups with VC investors, adding limited partners into the equations is essential. LPs directly influence venture capital availability – a pivotal bottleneck in the growth journey of startups.

continues Bergius

From Volunteer to CEO

In 2014, Bergius volunteered at Slush for the first time as a high schooler. Already back then, and still ten years later, she is convinced that entrepreneurship is the fastest way to change the world.

After three years as a volunteer at Slush volunteer (2014-2017), Aino served as a Strategic Partnership Manager (2020-2021), COO (2022), and COO&CFO (2023), and finally she became CEO (2024).

Aino has a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration (M.Sc.) with a major in Information &Service Management from Aalto University, graduated in 2023.

Bergius is European silver medalist and two-time national champion in cheerleading.

In today’s world, it’s increasingly possible to build a company with global impact within a timeframe shorter than the length of an average career. As a result, Slush stands as a strong testament to the belief that no dream is too big when it comes to changing the world.

says Bergius

As for her dream, seeing a world with a more diverse generation of founders is what keeps her believing in why Slush matters.

People solve the problems they face themselves, so the more diverse group of founders we have, the broader the range of challenges we’ll tackle. It’s our responsibility to drive this change.

says Bergius

“After all, the tech built today defines what the future looks like.”