Adyen founder invests in Dutch ticketing startup WeTicket

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Arnout Schuijff, co-founder of payment service provider Adyen, is joining Amsterdam-based ticketing startup WeTicket as its first investor.

WeTicket will use this investment as a catalyst to offer its ticketing service worldwide at low costs, which is good news for event organizers.

WeTicket has its roots in the event sector. Founders Jesse van der Pluijm and Nando Bennis had been organizing events and noticed that high ticketing costs quickly became an issue.

Ticketing providers often earned more from our events than we did. ‘We can do this differently,’ we thought.

said Van der Pluijm.

Driven by their ticketing experiences, Van der Pluijm and Bennis developed an alternative. According to them, their goal is not profit maximization but to create an accessible and affordable platform that does not compromise on quality and features compared to expensive providers.

We have examples of organizers who have saved an entire year’s salary in costs by switching to our service!

continues Van der Pluijm.
WeTicket Platform

Arnout Schuijff’s investment in WeTicket is not entirely coincidental. With his new startup, Tebi, he is making POS (point of sale) systems accessible and affordable, just as WeTicket does with ticketing.

Initially, we were not looking for an investor. We had planned to grow slowly on our own, however when we met Arnout, our visions aligned so well that a collaboration was a natural fit.

said Van der Pluijm

More than 750 organizers are connected to WeTicket, which charges roughly one-third of what the competition does at €0.18 per ticket. With the €750,000 investment, WeTicket’s founders say they are ready to expand their services both domestically and internationally.

We can maintain this groundbreaking low rate because we focus on scale, which, with an online platform like WeTicket, is essentially limitless. I believe we will even be able to lower our rates further in the long term.

adds Van der Pluijm
WeTicket Founding Team
WeTicket Founding Team

With our small team, we are challenging the ticketing mafia and hope to counter the profiteering practices that, for example, have brought Ticketmaster under fire recently. Our mission is accomplished when the entire ticketing market feels compelled to adopt fair pricing, so that organizers, artists, and attendees are no longer victims of the prevailing culture of greed.