DEESUP, Marketplace of second-hand Design, closes €300K investment round

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The startup launched by the acceleration program of LUISS EnLabs, LVenture Group’s business accelerator, closes a capital increase of 300 thousand euros and is preparing to strengthen its presence on the international market

Deesup, the marketplace for the purchase and sale of second-hand designer furniture, closed a 300 thousand euro investment round led by LVenture Group together with business angels, including some partners of Angel Partner Group (APG), then merged into Italian Angels for Growth (IAG).

The startup launched by LVenture Group thanks to the LUISS EnLabs acceleration program, is the first Italian marketplace dedicated exclusively to the sale of authentic second-hand signed designer furniture but also to “zero km”, that is to say from exposure and equivalent to new, coming from showrooms and distributors.

Deesup selects only iconic and authentic pieces offered by private and professional sellers and promotes them to an audience of connoisseurs. Its mission is to bring signed design into everyone’s homes through an exclusive channel that can enhance it.


The signed design market has reached a value of $41 billion in 2018 at a global level and is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 3.8% in the period 2019-2024.

A sector where the high-end Made in Italy design plays an important role, with an export value estimated at €11 billion in 2018. It is witnessed by Deesup, with over 50% of online shop orders placed from abroad, Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom in the lead.

Also, digital is one of the factors with the greatest impact on the used economy in our country, where only the value generated by the sale on online channels weighs 43%, for an estimated total amount of € 9.8 billion.

Luigi Capello, CEO LVenture Group and Founder LUISS EnLabs
Luigi Capello, CEO LVenture Group and Founder LUISS EnLabs

“The second-hand economy driven by digital is becoming more and more established and Deesup has devised a solution capable of intercepting a rapidly growing market. We are convinced that the startup will continue to expand its international expansion even more rapidly “

Luigi Capello, CEO of LVenture Group

Growth on the international market and platform development with the use of technologies such as augmented reality and machine learning to optimize user experience and the product evaluation process are the future goals of Deesup, founded by Valentina Cerolini and Daniele Ena.

Founders Deesup Valentina-Cerolini and Daniele Ena
Founders Deesup: Valentina Cerolini and Daniele Ena

“Thanks to this round of investment we will open up further to the international market and serve new countries where we have already identified a target in line with our product.

Our goal is to transform a re-use into a new consumer experience in high-end design: we live in an age that pays attention to sustainability, the circular economy represents a great opportunity for everyone “

Valentina Cerolini, CEO of Deesup